t all began in 1818.

The Milano family had in Cartosio an Osteria, which in the years became a Trattoria, a reference for those who looked for rest and refreshment while travelling the Sassello road, the path that connected the lowland with Liguria region.

The Milano family is still here in Cartosio, at the Cacciatori Restaurant: a place of history, a venue full of tradition and, above all, cuisine.

This passion for food and hospitality can be found in traditional dishes from Piemonte.

It happens today with Federica and Massimo, it happened yesterday with Carla, Giancarlo and Nonna Maria, always here, for 200 years in their restaurant in Cartosio.


7 april 2019 | Special Guests with traditional dishes at Sunday Brunch by Vito Mollica | Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

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6 february 2019 Dinner presentation for Chiocciola | Torino

2018 Slow Food – Novità dell’anno Award | Torino

9 november 2018 | Maison Billecart- Salmon Event | Cartosio

12 september 2018 | 200 Years Foundation Event | Cartosio

2018 | Primavera Fruttuosa Event | Cartosio

7 november 2017 | Golosaria 2017 Award | Monferrato

21 march 2016 – 2017 – 2018 | Goût de France | Cartosio